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Trade shows and events are a great way to increase brand awareness and gain new business. They provide you with the perfect opportunity to build new contacts with potential customers, generate leads and boost sales. Trade shows are a great marketing tool; they give your customers the excellent opportunity to experience your products and services in person.

Today trade shows and events have evolved to focus more on an interactive experience while providing more value to participants through education and networking opportunities.

The transportation of products and materials for the exhibit is a critical factor to be considered when planning a trade show or an event. Getting them there safely, securely, on time and within budget is one of the most significant challenges you will face before, during and after the event.

When it comes to trading shows and events, there are many factors you need to consider. Your strategies for the event need to be devised months before the show's opening. Arrangements must be made for inbound and outbound transportation, warehousing and storage requirements, handling items during transport, and other factors.

Transporting for Trade Shows: A Challenge for Businesses

Considering the various challenges faced in logistics and transportation of goods, it becomes necessary to seek the help of an experienced logistics partner for smooth transportation. When transporting goods for trade shows and events, hiring a professional logistics partner can help mitigate many problems one may face on the way to the show.

Based on the nature of the goods being displayed, you may need overnight and expedited delivery, temperature-controlled freight, shunting (<-Insert link to shunting blog here) services and more. Whether the goods you are transporting are for consumer trade shows, industrial trade shows or for both, you may need a customized solution to ensure efficient and timely delivery.

Proper handling on the way to the trade show is just as important as selecting the right freight carrier service or warehousing solution. Fragile, perishable goods and more may get damaged if mishandled. 

A solution to all your Logistics needs

Given many unreliable transportation service providers, choosing the right logistics partner with experience is essential. 

This is where SBS Expedited Freight Systems comes in! With over 60 years of experience in domestic and international logistic services, we can help make sure your exhibit materials get there on time, every time – no matter how difficult or demanding the task may seem!

As an asset-based carrier, SBS Expedited takes care of all your project event logistics, warehousing, and distribution needs. Usually, there is immense pressure on a logistics manager to manage the deliveries and distribution at such events.

Given our experience, we can handle all your delivery needs at the venue in a manner that benefits your business and the event logistics manager. 

SBS Expedited has customized freight solutions for all your logistics needs. We offer specialized/direct LTL and FTL transportation, temperature-controlled, and shunting services in the US and Canada.

Our cross-border logistics are certified and safety compliant. 

SBS Expedited’s Trade Show Transportation and Logistics Services

Trade shows and events are now being curated as experiential events where you can directly market your products to the end consumer. Whether you are a part of an industrial or consumer-based trade show, one of the most critical elements to consider when preparing for one is transportation and logistics.

Logistics solutions tailored to your requirements are best when preparing for such shows, as you may have varied requirements and may need a transport provider to ship in, manage, store and ship out the goods on a tight timeline. If your business has scheduled trade shows back to back, having a reliable logistics partner that transports your products from one show to another without hassle is essential.

SBS Expedited has a modern and well-maintained fleet to help you deliver your products to the right destination at the right time. Efficiency, accountability and responsiveness are our core values. 

A 24/7 call center and dispatch service and a certification of transport for both Canada/US SBS offer the best solutions to all your trade show and events transportation needs.

Contact us today to get a personalized quote for your trade show transportation requirements.

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