Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does 3PL mean in logistics?

    Third Party Logistics – SBS has the capability to provide such services through its SBS Logistics division where it will assist customers to move their product through either their own fleet or of a reliable and verified carrier partner.

  2. How do I choose the best logistics company in Canada?

    Simple – chose SBS Expedited since it has over 60 year combined experience from understanding the ins and outs of the transportation industry; but it also has the capability to see issues ahead of time and solve them without giving excuses.

  3. Which is the best shipping company in the USA and Canada?

    Best Shipping companies are fully transparent, reliable who prioritize experience in both understanding the equipment and its performance and invest in the people who will build strong business relationships – That’s SBS Expedited Services LTD.

  4. Does your company ship LTL and Truckload freight within Canada and the USA?

    Yes, SBS ships LTL and Truckload freight within Canada and the USA

  5. What are your key traffic lanes?

    SBS specializes in expedited services (Team Services) for all of US West Coast lanes; along with Mid West & Texas.

  6. What is the maximum (weight) you can haul in different truckload services?

    US lanes 43,500 LBS & Canadian lanes 51,000 LBS

  7. What is Reefer Vans used for?

    Reefer Vans are used for most refrigerated shipments which require temp control.

  8. How fast is expedited shipping?

    Since SBS specialises in West Coast lanes we are capable of Picking up and delivering your product Ontario – California within 48-60 hrs

  9. How can I track my shipments?

    Our company provides GPS tracking for all shipments and with our 24/7 office hours someone will always provide you with updates and feedback.

  10. What documents are needed during freight shipping?

    Depending on shipments moving freight might need additional certificates etc; however all shipments do require to have a Customs Invoice & BOL

  11. How long does cross-border pickup take?

    In most cases up to an hour if all the documents are cleared in advance with a custom broker and no border inspections are required.

  12. What are the documents required for cross-border shipping?

    To Cross border each truck is required to have an envelope which includes Trip sheet, ACE or ACI, custom invoices (pro forma), BOL, packing slip, additional certificate if loads are bonded or agriculture; seal.

  13. Why ship with SBS Expedited?

    Simple – SBS is best in its field and cares about its people, customers and most importantly the shipments we move.


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