Cross border LTL & FTL Shipping For USA and Canada

SBS Expedited Truck

When shipping your freight across the border, SBS understands how important it is to be properly prepared when crossing the border. That is why we offer a wide range of freight forwarding services to move your shipment efficiently across the Canada-U.S. border. Our team of professionals will help you out with freight routing, proof of delivery, load booking, safe reporting for delivery, lading preparation, etc to ensure smooth functioning till the end. Our longtime partnerships with carriers globally offer a versatile mode of transportation to get your freight flawlessly moved around the clock. We ensure that goods get to where they are needed! Our team of committed logistics transport specialists uses cutting-edge technologies to help dispatch and track packages throughout transportation. As one of the best trucking companies in Canada, we’re approved by all U.S. and Canada Customs border security to get your freight to the destination on the standard service. We are a certified bonded transport company through which you can move your bonded cargo most efficiently and cost-effectively. We have long-standing partnerships with like-minded, high-service carriers to handle our customer's complete requirements. Our cross-border shipping specialists move around the clock to make sure that they are always reachable by our customers. All of our drivers have years of experience and are committed to having your load delivered as scheduled regardless of how exceptional the shipment. Using a 3PL logistics company such as SBS Expedited, your satisfaction is guaranteed as we help you from a full load asset-based carrier to every custom logistics solution. Benefits of SBS Expedited cross-border shipping 

  • Certified bonded transport company

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • 24/7 customer support

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Handling all the documentation and specifications

SBS Expedited Truck


SBS Expedited Truck


LTL & FTL Transportation Transit Times

SBS Expedited Truck

In the LTL service domain, SBS Expedited takes pride in every LTL freight shipping service they offer. We provide a wide range of shipping solutions to the US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada. We offer high-quality LTL solutions that suit our customer’s needs to ensure their expectations are met on time and within budget.

We have a modern fleet of brand new trucks and trailers, the majority are less than 2 years old. To view our general LTL transit times between Toronto and California, we have weekly 50 plus trucks that perform LTL and full truckload from Toronto to California and California to Toronto. We utilize numerous expedited transport options, including 24 foot straight trucks, vans, and open decks to ensure high-quality shipment services. We offer less than truckload reefer services that include both heated and refrigerated vans to keep your goods secure throughout the journey. Our secure and efficient expedited services can accommodate all transport modes and freight types, regardless of the size and weight. Including distribution and expedited services, our full truckload FTL and less than a truckload can also handle various commodities i.e.: food, beverages, computer hardware, electronics, metals, building products, and a wide range of retail products. As your logistics partner, our customer service managers work around the clock to make sure to move your cargo most efficiently and cost-effectively. At SBS Expedited, the customer is our number one priority. For that reason, we can accommodate shipments of a variety of freight types, and provide the ideal transportation solution for your specific LTL. The reasons for being a proven on-time LTL transportation :

  • Satellite-tracking technology with real-time tracking

  • 24/7 call center for assisting customers

  • Always have 24 hours backup drivers

  • Custom-tailored logistics solutions

  • Reefers and temperature-controlled shipments

  • Yard spotter, shunt services, and dedicated trucks.

Cross Border LTL & FTL Shipping

SBS Expedited Truck

SBS Expedited has countless partnerships globally to offer reliable, secure, cost-effective, and convenient cross-border services. If things like taxes and duties, customs clearance, proof of delivery, lading bills sound stressful, we are here to help you to reduce risk, time, and costs while making shipping easy.

We have expanded our network through a combination of modern trucks and trailers to ensure your goods are delivered to the desired destination on time.

We are a bonded and certified transportation carrier and are committed to ensuring that your goods are safely and securely transported across Canada and the USA. We understand the importance of goods delivered on time and are continuously upgrading equipment in line with industry standards to provide ideal transportation services. As the best logistics company in Canada, our freight forwarding experts have got everything covered :

  • Door-to-door service with flexible pickup and delivery times

  • Custom Clearance

  • Insurance coverage by all modes of transport

  • Always have 24 hours backup drivers

  • Custom-tailored logistics solutions

  • Cross border shipment from/to the USA

  • Fully certified

  • Preparation and handling of all the export documents

SBS Expedited Truck


SBS Expedited Truck


Dry Van Trucking

SBS Expedited Truck

SBS Expedited provides a wide range of transportation services including dry van trucking, reefer, flatbed, LTL, and full truck load shipping in the US Texas, and California region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona). SBS Expedited's dry vans are ready to handle various types of freight while being weather protected. Whether it’s a dry van, flatbed, or reefer, a full truck-load or less, carrying hazardous materials, or requiring expedited shipment anywhere, we promise you to keep your goods secure throughout the journey

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We are Canada's #1 choice in providing Canadian transportation & logistic services. With unmatched service and unparalleled execution, our global presence reflects our ingenuity. As a premier logistics company in Canada, we are committed to delivering optimized freight transportation solutions for you and your business - shipping across US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada. SBS ensures that goods get to where they are needed! SBS dispatch and track packages throughout their transportation.