From LTL Shipping To Reliable LTL Transportation

Less-Than-Truckload or LTL shipping is said to be a kind of transportation for relatively small freights that can only accommodate various single pallet shipments and can extend to an almost full truckload. We also provide FTL or Full-Truck-Load services which can handle all sorts of general freight including temperature-controlled (Reefer & Heated Service), project and event logistics solutions, expedited and shunting services. With over 60 years of collective experience in the LTL freight industry, SBS Expedited is committed to delivering the highest quality freight shipping services, logistics, and supply chain support. We have evolved to provide the best LTL logistical freight solutions such as LTL freight tracking, 24/7 dispatch services, and daily overnight LTL shipments. Our LTL transportation carriers also offer-

  • Cross border carriers

  • Operating warehousing and distribution needs

  • Full-service trade shows and exhibits

  • Domestic Freights

  • Expedited freight transportation services

  • Reefer Carrier, Temperature controlled service

  • LTL tailored solutions for all event and project logistics

  • Great LTL Prices

  • Pickup and delivery LTL services

  • Detailed, in-transit tracking

  • Expedited services from Ontario to California within 50 to 60 hours.

  • Dedicated 24/7 dispatchers

  • Always have 24 hours backup drivers.

  • Fully certified to transport hazardous materials

  • Yard spotter, shunt services, and dedicated trucks

  • Handle a wide range of commodities

SBS Expedited Truck


SBS Expedited Truck


Industry Leading Multimodal Cargo Shipping

The primary focus of SBS Expedited is to think big and innovate. With advanced technological processes, we are utilizing tracking technology services to provide the best LTL transport services. Our utilization and development of technology serve a one purpose-building a loyal customer relationship. We own a fleet of modern trucks and are constantly innovating to ensure the most accurate and reliable delivery time for you. We help our clients in LTL transportation services with freight routing, proof of LTL delivery, load booking, safe reporting for delivery, lading preparation of bills, etc. Our rates are quite competitive. Our LTL freight tracking systems ensure the shipping and packaging with top performance standards and this is one of our USPs that we never compromise on quality and have delivered most of the cargo shipping assignments way ahead of time. As one of the most reputable trucking companies in Canada, you can depend on us for your full truckload services, less than truckload services, expedited services, and tailored solutions for all event and project logistics. Whether your freight needs to be moved fresh, chilled, or frozen, we’ll custom-tailor a solution suited to your specific LTL needs. Along with that, we have a logistics specialist on staff to ensure clear communication and quality service for every shipment.  Our dispatchers are standing by 24 hours a day to ensure your goods are delivered without any delays. Commanding a fleet of dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, straight trucks, vans, and open decks, we utilize numerous expedited transportation options. As a result, we can meet the demands of our customers, and prioritize the safe shipment of any type of freight and cargo. Our entire modern fleet is equipped with real-time GPS tracking. Our main motive is to provide an ideal transportation solution for you with minimal delays along the way. Our distribution and transportation services are customizable and handle all sorts of general freight including perishable food and commodities to satisfy all of your logistics needs. Allow the team of experts at SBS Expedited to handle all your freight shipping solutions, you can feel confident leaving your freight in our capable hands

Quality Services That Profitably Fuel Our Growth

As the best transportation carrier with multiple facilities, we provide yard spotter, shunt services, and dedicated shunt trucks, and drivers for any transportation company looking for short and long-term contracts. Our dedicated team always has 24-hour backup drivers to ensure clear communication and quality service for every freight shipping. Whether your load requires heating, cooling, custom-tailored delivery options, we have got everything covered. We understand the importance of goods delivered on time, and so we are continuously upgrading equipment in line with industry standards to provide you the best transportation services. We specialize in our delivery services and are ready to travel the extra miles for our esteemed clients. We love bringing smiles on the faces of our thousands of clients.

SBS Expedited Truck


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We are Canada's #1 choice in providing Canadian transportation & logistic services. With unmatched service and unparalleled execution, our global presence reflects our ingenuity. As a premier logistics company in Canada, we are committed to delivering optimized freight transportation solutions for you and your business - shipping across US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada. SBS ensures that goods get to where they are needed! SBS dispatch and track packages throughout their transportation.