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SBS Expedited Truck

SBS Expedited takes pride in simplifying and streamlining transportation processes. The trucking industry is way too complex. Our objective is to ensure that you get a solid transport service each time by providing a custom-tailored solution to all your logistics needs. We’re constantly innovating with modernized technologies such as robotics automation to move your cargo securely yet quickly with minimal delays along the way. We are ready to devise the ideal transportation solution for you by providing an intelligent document workflow for our customs processing, order entry, and accounts payables. We employ the latest technologies and operate one of the most modern fleets for all of your supply chain needs. Rely on us as Canada's leading third-party logistics (3PL), and we will ensure your goods are delivered safely and securely. We use all-inclusive AikSphere technologies that help you track your whole fleet at all times. Be connected with your fleets at all times as AikSphere’s GPS Tracking System delivers the best freight management solutions.  

We are customer-focused to move your cargo securely yet quickly with minimal delays along the way. We operate one of the modern fleets of trucks for an exceptional degree of flexibility to meet our customer's requirements.

SBS Expedited Truck


Working with SBS Expedited makes your transportation easier

SBS Expedited Truck

We are a Canadian-based company that transports goods and services to the US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada. We own over 50 plus trucks to transport both less than truckload and full truckload from Toronto to California and California to Toronto. With a large fleet, we have specialized equipment like foot straight trucks, dry vans, and open decks, flatbeds to keep it the best in the customer service we provide. Each of our trucks comes fully equipped with GPS tracking systems that provide you with real-time updates and alerts. We are constantly innovating - 

Features include:

  • Fleet tracking

  • Fuel inventory monitoring

  • Truck camera system

  • Vehicle maintenance management

  • 24/7 Secure Monitoring

  • Uptime and Reliability

  • Safety and compliance

  • Real-time support, training, and demonstrations.

  • Real-time support, training, and demonstrations.

We continuously upgrade equipment in line with industry standards for simplicity and optimization and provide you with all the information necessary to efficiently manage your freight shipping at your fingertips. 

For more information, please contact:

24/7 Phone Number - 416.477.3719



Toll Free Number : 1.855.811.0585

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We are Canada's #1 choice in providing Canadian transportation & logistic services. With unmatched service and unparalleled execution, our global presence reflects our ingenuity. As a premier logistics company in Canada, we are committed to delivering optimized freight transportation solutions for you and your business - shipping across US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada. SBS ensures that goods get to where they are needed! SBS dispatch and track packages throughout their transportation.