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In the warehousing, shipping, and transportation industry, the benefits of stand-alone shunting services are amplified many times. When we refer to shunting services, it means the ongoing process of yard trucks moving trailers to and from designated locations in the yard - for example from a depot to a rail yard and back.


Benefits of Shunting Services 


Decreasing your expenses – you will only need one truck 

You will optimize loading/unloading and moving trailers around your facility.


About SBS Expedited Shunt Services

SBS Expedited serves the Greater Transportation Services in Canada for shunting & transportation needs, backed by 60 years of collective experience in the transportation and logistics industry. We focus on a single fundamental purpose: transporting various goods constantly from one place to another throughout a single yard, centralized facilities covering an urban block, or extending over several acres. We rely on efficient and orderly yard shunting services. A single yard can serve as a central hub for everything that goes from one step of an operation to the next, including raw materials for production, industrial goods, tools, and inter-company stocks.

Our professional yard shunt management provides yard spotters, shunt services, and dedicated trucks and drivers for any transportation company looking for short and long-term contracts. This concept applies to all types of transport, be it full truckload or less than truckload. With our dedicated fleet, 24/7 dispatch, and extensive network of partners, we oversee consistent cargo transitions at every handling point throughout your yard. We work with highly trained yard shunt managers and personnel to provide you the seamless transportation and logistics services across the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Wherever shipments move throughout the compound, SBS Expedited provides all clients with ideal fleet maintenance programs, smooth dispatch systems, tracking capabilities, and professional drivers. Our staff will ensure to work effectively in the yard operation and get a sense of what it’s like to work with a yard management partner like SBS Expedited


Why SBS Expedited as a yard shunt and transportation partner?

•    Drivers who pride themselves on delivering goods safely, reliably, and on time.

•    The most dependable, industry-leading trucks and equipment to provide yard spotter and shunt services.

•    Vast experience in shunting services

•    Any pace of daily shunt transports handled reliably at flexible rates. 

•    We guarantee that our yard shunt teams will move your facility’s stock in the most accurate and reliable delivery time for you.



If you require any more information on our shunting services, SBS Expedited has the expertise to help and assist you 24/7   -  tel. 1 855 811 0727, 416.477.3719  or 416.220.0928.

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